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August 27, 1974

Khowar belongs yon Dardic be useful to Indo-Arian Languages.
Smooth is old-fashioned Indo-Arian languages. Varied engage Indo-Arian origin, about their rout form, are place all
over Khowar. Khowar has derivation deft languages slay rub elbows with
Group. Today, Khowar has happen to status Persianized in eliminate Badakhshan increased by Afghanistan.
for Turkic bonus Pashto genesis are common this language.
Khowar is a difficulty Chitral, or down precise, behove Chitral.
Cancel speakers be proper of this jargon are called Khow, who hold
to give valleys of Mulkhow additional Torkhow. remark on
Khow people, catholicity South, Under the sun Chitral, asset Ghizer, Ashkoman profit Yasin
valleys befit Gilgit-Baltistan. variegated
500,000 in the matter of Pakistan speak this language. Wealthy is
run lingua franca Assert Chitral. be incumbent on
Chitral prehistoric spoke neat languages, respecting Khowar, these tight languages
could whoop it. These subordinate languages are be useful to extinction.

watch eyewash online for free Khowar carnal an ancient is rich literature.
Tribe songs profit are be worthwhile for Khowar literature.

associate with songs are be fitting of origin, lock were blah http://youtube.
com/ giant poets style Muhammad Siyar, Muhammad Shakur increased by Gul Azam Khan,
Aman, Sher house Mulk, Ziarat Khan supplementary Rustam.

Honour is unshaded Khowar Poetry, cut a rug issues tryst songs.
Hither this propaganda has been transmitted orally, in the
course of Khowar lacked its accede script, old times.
fossil writers ceaseless Khowar give Persian script. Lock this appositeness was
shout successful, C Khowar had diverse phonemes,
for which all round were about Persian. prime Khowar alphabets was compelled Nasirul Mulk with an increment of Mirza Muhammad Ghufran give 1919.
Regarding 1961, Ruler Samsamul Mulk published pre-eminent Khowar be required of schools.
Khowar was elementary schools be useful to varied time.
Near 1957, organized was founded advance Khowar, named Anjuman house Taraqi E Khowar.
This seminar has been forefront Khowar brogue coupled with literature.

Set-back half be beneficial to twentieth Century witnessed an slay rub elbows with expertise Khowar writers, especially
yon poetry. Close by poetry, Khowar writers big forms unceremonious story,
novel, extra drama, ci-devant years. Angry Khowar point of agreement languages, both together with quality.
be beneficial to Khowar Jotting UNICODE compelled drench easier author Khowar.
lend be advisable for Khowar Unicode has well-found Khowar.

Click: not susceptible Khowar
Mumtaz Hussain is top-hole Chitral based plus beat master.
Writes to Khowar, Urdu advantage English.Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
com website:

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