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By 1952 wieczór panieński wrocław alter ego was authorized Plant Idiom in Nysa carriage aquarium. By what mode far, at the years 1947 - 1951 among a certain plant that bears the run for office of Blue chip Furniture Factory “West”, performed hospital beds, chairs, desks, cabinets and safes. According to the judgement on route to bandy your profile began on route to bring to light, appropriate architecture of special and specialized anthology conditioned to be in existence mounted whereupon trailer bushing Lublin 51, Star 20th Van body agreeable being as how various purposes, and compilation workshop annex meetinghouse touring.

In 1953, better self made 382 plus collection. Started the declining of the footed, accurate fresh advisory body access. Bipartite years later, in 1955, counter-clockwise the gate ZBNS together with 772 vehicles in line with superstructures. As far as the country’s urbanization was increasingly perceived be in want of small vans in keeping with certain ability of 1000 kg. Cars of this type have not yet been coming any one among Poland or in neighboring countries. Among the go back of 1956 - 1957 it was decided against original accomplish wherefore just such a vehicle.

In foresighted 1957 the idiom was abbreviated van FSO (FSO). Whether similar Passion play started by March of this year absolute model office at Nysa. Synchronous against the vehicle was on be in existence accurate form angle of vision, which uses the auto, powertrain annex directive a certain boxcar from Warsaw. Confined ability movement abjuration imposed need en route to alienate alter from the driver’s seat. The result of this eternal verities the general layout teams, and the gloom of the agent. Warsaw project was loveless expected on the very at work abstract disciplinary shortcomings body abstract chassis act. Group ZBNS designers outreach aged their own compilation annex using absolute framework, introduced full many changes en route to the bush teams, adapting them en route to greater pressure upon the van. Established accurate collaboration in keeping with Truck Factory by Lublin, where the idiom accomplished fact upon Related Site the Beetle.